After a long underground work, the book by Paolo Picchio “The concert accordion and its repertoire” comes out for Youcanprint. The search for the over ten-year historical director of the Castelfidardo International Prize had been exhausted for some time. The copies of the first edition circulate in the collectors market and in the photocopies of musicology students. It was necessary to find this text on the shelves of libraries, still a reference for scholars.
With this book you will discover the great qualities of the concert accordion, crossing forty composers (and forty original compositions). The composers met, all very well known, can only make a “vague” idea of ​​the great process of growth and emancipation that this musical instrument has experienced in forty years (from 1960 to the new millennium) truly formidable.  Taking inspiration from a repertoire, therefore conceived for cultured concertismo, it is possible to know the ‘qualities’ of the bellows and its techniques of use, the virtues of the manuals and their “roles”, the codifications of the vast range of possibilities that the accordion allows in contemporary musical language. This work is also accompanied by a ‘preface’ which quickly explores the technical, constructive and historical aspect of the instrument, as well as two bibliographies (one specific, the other general) that can represent a valid research tool for those who want deepen the topics covered ”.