The program of the 2019 edition of the historical re-enactment of the TR800 in Castelfidardo becomes increasingly rich. Among the many initiatives, the diatonic accordion enters forcefully. It is known as organetto: this bellows instrument concentrates its strength in the immediate possibility of harmonizing sounds and making music; in this way it can quickly bind to the folk tradition of every part of the world. Today the accordion has finally become a noble instrument, made from an authentic and continuous musical research. This attention to quality contributes to the growth of the instrument, both in its repertoire and in its construction characteristics. In the historical re-enactment of Castelfidardo both types of bellows instrument become an important piece. The reconstruction of an artisan workshop of the end of the century, with its exclusively manual work, shows ancient and sapiential procedures. Before the eyes of the curious visitor, a real catalog of ad hoc tools and instruments takes shape, for the realization of boulders, bellows, voices, mechanics and aesthetic elements. In short, everything that makes the Castelfidardo accordion unique!