International Jazz Day with Antonino De Luca at the OnStage

On April 30th we too in Castelfidardo celebrated the International JAZZ Day included in the “Jazz Accordion Festival” billboard at The House of Music (OnStage).
The International Jazz Day was established by Unesco in 2012 with the intention of celebrating the most sophisticated form of musical improvisation and of underlining the historical importance that jazz has had as an “important and historic art form that has contributed to promoting intercultural dialogue, respect for human rights and human dignity, eradicating discrimination, strengthening gender equality and enhancing the role of youth in social change “.

Antonino De Luca, first ambassador of the accordion in 2017, delighted us with his JAZZ melodies accompanied by the Gocce di JAZZ group.
The group consists of Zeno Le Moglie (Drums), Andrea Donzelli (Piano/keyboards), Matteo Magnaterra (Bass Guitar), Marco Emoli (Sax) and Anna Lazzari (Vooce). They played for about two hours on stage ranging from known jazz songs to the most unknown ones, creating an interesting, engaging and passionate sound journey.