Preview Wow Folk Festival 2019 with the Airboxes from Belgium to Onstage in Castelfidardo.
Accordion and beatbox

The Aiboxes from Belgium have made the preview of the wow folk festival very special and of great sound impact.
Friday, February 22nd at “ La Casa della Musica” ( The house of Music ) in Castelfidardo (called also OnStage) for about two hours , we saw a beautiful concert made of music and folk dances (see video and photo).

But … who are the Air Boxes?
The Air Boxes are a Belgian group composed by Guus Herremans and Bert Leemans who created a particular combination of diatonic and chromatic accordion. That of Castelfidardo was the first appointment of the Italian tour which then stopped in Venice and Bologna. A recently established project that Castelfidardo has already appreciated in July 2017 during an evening of Girogustando. The two musicians have known each other for over 15 years and the artistic collaboration is the inevitable outcome of a proven affinity; after the first concerts in Teetzleben (Germany) on the stage of the Boombalfestival and Boombal Ghent Intiem (Belgium), the Airboxes are ready to make their sounds known to a wider audience.