Thanks to the musical support of the accordion of Maestro Roberto Lucanero a cultural event of the highest level was lit in Castelfidardo, which proposed a composition never heard from 1863, the year of creation of the song by the master A.Victor.
In Castelfidardo the notes of the quadrille dedicated to the story Mrs Lirriper by Charles Dickens, one of the greatest writers of all time, resounded. The translator of the text in italian for Mattioli 1885 Editore, Laura Bartoli, immersed the Salone degli Stemmi of the Municipality of Castelfidardo as “sold out” in the atmosphere of the 1800s. Together with the accordion, the piano animated by M ° Lorenzo Marchesini of the Civic school of music Paolo Soprani of Castelfidardo, the dances in costume of the Academy of nineteenth-century dances of Ancona and its figures in vintage dress, have projected the eyes back in time .

With the support of the Charles Dickens Museum in London, which provided the original scores, an official video was shot, which you can enjoy at the following link: