The Accordionist lands in Castelfidardo, the world home of the accordion.

An unprecedented membership for pre-registration with our online community. Out of about 130 participants in the competition, 100 musicians showed interest and proposed themselves as the first “hard core” of our members.

The layout of the corner with graphics and multilingual staff was a real success, as was the official presentation from the stage on the opening evening. We know that expectations are high, because Castelfidardo is the home of the accordion; however, the enthusiasm we were able to measure comforts us. the Accordionist will soon become an important point of reference, for an international community that does not have real virtual places to meet.

Here enthusiasts, musicians and professionals can find resources, advertise their work and reach every single member widely, to keep the soul of the accordion alive.

Finally an ambitious project starts from Castelfidardo, to find a new way to elaborate the traditional accordion culture towards new market segments with the creation of new audiences. Like a bellows, the Accordionist will find the strength to open up to blow the music of the accordion in every corner of the world.