Leonardo Da Vinci’s Accordion

The accordion of Leonardo It took 9 years of studies to make the accordion as Leonardo had thought it.

The original design is found in some drawings, taken from the Fol. 76r. of the Madrid II Code. The intuition of one of the greatest geniuses of all time has become a real perfectly functioning tool. The Friulian luthier Mario Buonoconto, specialized in ancient instruments and Da Vinci machine manufacturer, realized the project. This is the confirmation that the genius of the Renaissance anticipated the birth of the accordion by 300 years: “Music – he wrote – is not to be called anything other than a sister of painting”.
There are currently around ten of these instruments in circulation: three exhibited in exhibitions or museums, the others in possession of Italian and foreign musicians.

A piece is located in Castelfidardo, in the premises of the International Accordion Museum.